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On Saturday, October 19, 2019, members of the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition (OHCC) gathered for its final Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

For twenty-seven years the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition supported community groups to improve their communities’ quality of life, through education, engagement and collaboration. Read more


Margaret Lumchick explains why Bill C-81 is inadequate to address the barriers to accessibility experienced by many people today, and thousands more in the near future. 

Bill C-81, An Act to ensure a barrier-free Canada, has now been sent to the Senate for consideration.  I am in support of that legislation. However, if it is passed as is it has “no teeth” and many exemptions, and will be merely window-dressing, doing little to address...

This report contains a history of OHCC, our values and principles, and a description of key aspects of our work from 1992 – 2019. It represents our legacy to community groups and networks who are continuing to work towards a healthy community. It is our hope that the ideals of healthy communities will continue to be a catalyst for social change.