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Ontario Community Transportation NetworkOntario Community Transportation Network

country roadOnce again OHCC is collaborating with the Rural Ontario Institute (ROI) on a transportation project. This project is focussed on developing the Ontario Community Transportation Network (OCTN), with funding from the Ministry of Transportation-Ontario (MTO) for the period of April 1, 2016 - March 31, 2017.

The goal of the project is to develop and implement an engagement strategy to inform, support, consult and collaborate with community transportation and rural stakeholders by:

  • Initiating and supporting the development of a network of organizations ("the Network") interested in community transportation;

  • Researching, collecting, and exchanging information on community transportation with the Network;

  • Enabling input and feedback from Network participants on transportation issues of emerging importance to the Ministry; and

  • Organizing outreach events and activities for the Network to encourage peer-to-peer interaction and to further the understanding of Network participants, the Ministry and ROI on community transportation and other transportation issues and challenges and their potential solutions.

The development of the network and exchange of knowledge on common challenges and emerging innovation in rural and community transportation will benefit participants as it will increase their ability to adapt appropriate approaches to their context. Participants will increase their capacity to develop and operate effective community transportation programs as a results of the exchange of knowledge and expertise, the development of new contacts and access to new resources.

A Project Steering Committee will provide overall coordination and oversight to the project activities, including:

  1. Network facilitation; i.e., developing and maintaining a website, managing a membership database and facilitating on-line discussions;
  2. Knowledge dissemination to the Network through communications such as newsletters and blogs
  3. A “scan” of community transportation issues to collect insight on particular challenges and opportunities common to CT projects;
  4. A series of webinars on community transportation;
  5. A directory of community transportation services;
  6. Peer-to-peer exchanges on transportation topics through surveys, webinars or teleconferences; and,
  7. A face-to-face event for knowledge exchange and networking.

While the current funding of this project only extends to March 2017, one of the underlying aims of the collaboration is to undertake the strengthening and formalization of the network in such a way as to potentially enable it to continue functioning with or without ongoing funding.

View the media release for the launch of OCTN

View the OCTN website.

For more information about this project contact:
Lisa Tolentino, Project Coordinator

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