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OHCC is an incorporated registered charity, whose mission is"to create innovative solutions to meet community challenges and build strong, equitable and sustainable communities through education, engagement and collaboration".

OHCC was established in 1992 to support local and regional groups, coalitions and networks that are working on Healthy Community initiatives in Ontario. Read about the origins of the Ontario Healthy Community Coalition.

We bring together a broad-based group of community and provincial associations, spanning the social, environmental, economic, and political spectrums. OHCC members share a common goal of creating healthier communities and they actively support the development of Healthy Communities by sharing their knowledge, skills and experiences with others through our monthly Bulletin and community stories.

OHCC Services

From its central office in Toronto, OHCC provides networking, communications and administration services to support Healthy Communities in Ontario. OHCC Community Consultants, who reside in various regions of Ontario, work with community organizations and networks to organize learning activities, address community issues and facilitate the planning and evaluation of Healthy Communities initiatives.

Click here for information about OHCC's consultation services and workshops.  

OHCC is a member of HC Link, a collaboration of three health promotion resource centres funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. HC Link works with community groups, organizations and partnerships to build healthy, vibrant communities across Ontario. Operating within a shared work plan, OHCC is the lead organization for HC LInk intake, consultations, learning activities and evaluation services.

OHCC administers three networks; the Canadian Healthy Communities NetworkFoodNet Ontario and the Ontario Smart Growth Network.

The OHCC Board of Directors actively pursues the goals of OHCC through special initatives such as their Youth Engagement Committee, which developed a strategy and action plan that, in 2013-2014, resulted in 15 students from 3 universities pursuing self-directed learning activities. The Board also keeps abreast of current issues and responds to requests for input to government policy.

OHCC Projects

From time to time OHCC takes on additional projects that are aligned with its mission and community needs.  Current and recent examples include:

  • Healthy Food For All: Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems in Ontario, 2013-2015, a collaborative project with 6 organizations, funded by the Ontario Healthy Communities Fund.
  • Accelerating Rural Transportation, 2013-2014; a collaborative project with the Rural Ontario Institiute, funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.
  • Healthy Communities: An approach to action on health determinants in Canada, 2009-2012: a three-year project funded through the CLASP project of the Canadian Partnership against Cancer, in collaboration with three other provincial healthy communities networks.
  • The Future of the Good Food Box, 2009-2011; a collaborative project funded jointly by the Healthy Communities Fund and the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s Spark Fund. 
  • FoodNet Ontario, 2007-2010; a collaborative project funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation
  • Healthy Communities and the Built Environment, 2007-2008; a collaborative project funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada.
  • Power Down Your Power Bills,  2006-2007; in partnership with Rideau Environmental Action League, funded by Ministry of Energy Community Conservation Initiatives.
  • Creating Inclusive Community Organizations, 2004-2006; funded by Public Health Agency of Canada.

More information about OHCC projects, including reports and resources developed, is available on the Projects page. 



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