Course Outline - Revised March 10, 2009


(a) Course Summary

(b) Course Goal

(c) Course objectives

(d) Content Overview


Module 1:       Concepts, Values and Principles

Content:       (a) Definition and characteristics of community

                       (b) Definition and history of community development

                       (c) Community Development Values and Principles

            (a) Checklist of community characteristics


1. Describe a community to which you belong. What are its demographic characteristics? What makes it a community?


2. Match a list of common terms used in traditional social services terminology with terms that reflect community development values and principles.


3. Write a paragraph answering the question “Is having a “sense of community” important to you?” and explaining why or why not.


Module 2:       Process, Strategies and Roles

Content:         (a) Ten Steps to Community Development

                         (b) Community Development Strategies

                         (c) Community Development Roles


Tools:             (a)  Community Asset Mapping



1. Read the case study provided and identify the community development methods or strategies used. Discuss how effective they think they were and whether or not there are other strategies or methods that may have been helpful in achieving the goal.


2. Quiz – match activities to strategies


Module 3:  Community Collaboration

Content:         (a) Benefits of Collaboration

                         (b) Types of Collaboratives

                         (c) Collaborative Roles

                         (d) Challenges

                         (e) Factors that contribute to successful collaborations

                          (f) Working effectively across different organizational cultures



Tools:              (a) When to Start a Coalition

                          (b) Collaboration Framework

                          (c) Tips for Improving Coalition Functioning.


Exercise:         Read the scenario provided. Identify the partners that you would hope to engage in reaching the community’s goals. What roles would they play? Think creatively about how others can participate apart from attending planning meetings or providing funding?




Additional Resources

Evaluation Form                                                      

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