Match the community development activity with the corresponding community development strategy. Some activities may incorporate more than one strategy.


A.    Locality Development

B.    Social Action

C.    Social Planning

D.    Social Reform

E.    Community Relations

F.     Social Capital Formation

G.    Capacity Building

H.    Asset-Based Community Development


1.      The number of shelter beds Occupied is tracked on a nightly basis and the data compiled and analyzed by an inter-agency committee to aid in their service planning and coordination efforts.


2.      A multicultural festival is held annually in a multicultural neighbourhood.


3.      A youth centre provides youth with cameras and asks them to take pictures of their community, then display them with explanations about what they liked and didn't like about their community.

4.      On the recommendation of the local residents' council, the school board assists in organizing and staffing after school programs for children.


5.      A community meeting is arranged in an attempt to mediate between residents who are in favour of a new industry coming to town and those who are opposed to it.


6.      An inter-organizational "coffee time" is held once a month to promote information sharing and networking.


7.      A committee of senior citizens is formed to lobby the municipal housing corporation to develop a geared-to-income seniors' apartment complex in their community.


8.      An annual BBQ is held by the community centre to encourage residents to meet and interact with each other.


9.      Calls to the community information centre are tracked by topic and the data is used to enhance the library's resources in the areas of greatest interest.


10.  The community council invites City staff to attend a meeting and explain to residents who they should get in touch with at City Hall to report problems and tips on how to get issues dealt with effectively.


11.  A media campaign is launched to promote employment of persons with disabilities.


12.  The neighbourhood association sends out welcome letters to people that move into the area and invite them to join the neighbourhood association.


13.  A neighbourhood committee is formed to raise funds and work with the City to convert a brownfield into a park.


14.  The library partners with the federal government to provide access to a computerized "job bank" and also provides computer training programs to enable residents to use them.


15.  A community resource centre partners with several ethno-cultural organizations to develop a multi-lingual questionnaire conducted with residents in their own language to find out what experiences, skills and knowledge they had and if they were willing to share them.


16.  Neighbourhood residents write letters to the Library Board asking them to reconsider their decision to close their branch library.


17.  A series of workshops is held to build awareness of the structural basis of racism and oppression in our society.


18.  A community volunteer awards event is held to celebrate volunteerism and recognize extraordinary contributions.


19.   A group of concerned parents get together with school personnel to discuss and make recommendations to the school board regarding concerns about air quality within the school.


20.  A community forum involving residents, local government and community organizations is held to identify shared concerns and interests, develop a community strategic plan, determine the potential for sharing existing resources and explore opportunities for collaboration on projects and initiatives.


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