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Healthy Communities: An Approach to Action on Health Determinants in CanadaHealthy Communities: An Approach to Action on Health Determinants in Canada

About the Project

The Healthy Community movement is a dynamic force in many communities across Canada that brings together groups from many sectors to plan and implement strategies to enhance community well-being and address complex community issues. This project was undertaken by four provincial Healthy Communities networks to demonstrate that the Healthy Community approach is an effective way to address chronic disease prevention. We collaborated across disciplines, sectors, languages and geography to:

  • raise awareness of the Healthy Communities approach;
  • share tools, resources and best practices; and
  • empower communities to take action on the social determinants of health and of chronic disease prevention

The results of the project were:
(a)  documented evidence of the effective use of the Healthy Communitie approach to address health determinants and chronic disease prevention
(b) increased community capacity to take action on chronic disease prevention using a Healthy Communities model, and
(c)  the establishment of the Canadian Healthy Communities network that is continuing to support Healthy Communities initiatives.

Partner Organizations


This project was funded by Health Canada, through the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC), through the Coalitions Linking Action and Science for Prevention (CLASP).

Project Reports and Resources

The Healthy Communities Approach: A Framework for Action on the Determinants of Health

A two-page summary of the values, principles and strategies that constitute a shared foundation of the four partnering provincial healthy communities networks. 

The State of Knowledge in Research on Healthy Communities Initiatives: An Integrated Approach for Chronic Disease Prevention

This report is an overview of the state of knowledge provided by studies on chronic disease and by research on Healthy Communities initiatives.

Summary of Four Provincial Healthy Communities Networks
The four partner networks explored our differences and similarites, in terms of organizational structures, membership, geography, culture and language, through the development of provincial network profiles and discussions.

Guide to Planning An Action Strategy For Healthier Local Public Policy
The strategies and tools put forward in this guide focus on actions designed to help draft and amend public policy to promote health at the local level.

A Survey of Canadian Healthy Communities Initiatives 
A survey of 124 Canadian Healthy Communities Initiatives was undertaken to learn about the types of projects that communities are undertaking across the country, and how they are linked to action on the determinants of health.

Policy on Official Languages
In light of the operation of the emerging Canadian Healthy Communities Network, stakeholders made the decision to develop and implement a policy accounting for linguistic duality, namely  parity in status of the French and English languages that involves the fair treatment of Francophones and Anglophones.

Healthy Communities Initiatives in Canada: Case Studies and Conditions For Successful Practice
Sixteen case studies were documented as part of this project; four each in British Columbia, Ontario, 
Québec and New Brunswick.


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