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Healthy Built EnvironmentsHealthy Built Environments

OHCC Consulting Services

OHCC consultants can provide expertise and facilitation to assist your community to better understanding the links between health and the design of the built environment. We can help your community identify priority actions to improve active transportation options, rural transportation services and/or create mixed use, compact communities that will better support health.

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Typically, our consultations involve

  • Meeting other community members, decision makers and stakeholders to set out priorities in their area of focus (e.g. active transportation, rural transportation. complete communities)

  • Learning about how the built environment can support health, what other communities are doing to support a healthy built environment and what is happening in your community

  • Sharing ideas about needed improvements in your community

  • Identifying priority projects and strategic actions to accelerate improvements in your community.  

Consultations can be a half or full day and are offered at not charge to qualifying organizations.

Contact OHCC to learn how we might tailor a consultation to meet your needs.

OHCC’s Built Environment Projects

A healthy built environment is a critical element of creating healthy communities. OHCC has led and participated in a number of collaborative partnerships to work with communities and produce resource materials aimed at improving various aspects of the built environment. Click on the links below to view project descriptions, reports and publications.

Ontario Community Transportation Network (OCTN)
In 2016-2017, in partnership with the Rural Ontario Institute, we established the OCTN, provided content for the OCTN website, produced newsletters, four webinars, an issues paper and a community transportation summit.

Accelerating Rural Transportation Solutions
In partnership with the Rural Ontario Institute, in 2014-2015, we delivered three webinars, three rural transportation forums, and published Ten Rural Transportation Case Studies From Ontario.

Healthy Communities and the Built Environment (HCBE)
This project was conducted from 2007-2009, in collaboration with seven organizations, and was aimed at building awareness of the impacts of the built environment on human health. It drew together planners, developers, pubic health staff, environment groups and community associations. The project involved several components, including a literature review, environmental scan, regional forums, community workshops and facilitation services. Several publications were produced by this project:


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