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Ontario Smart Growth NetworkOntario Smart Growth Network

OSGN logoThe Ontario Smart Growth Network is a provincial network of organizations and individuals working to promote a smarter approach to community design.  

The OSGN Steering Committee is made up of individuals who have many years of experience with growth management policy and practice in Ontario. Through the OSGN, members are able to share their resources and experience, and explore means to better support sound planning and development decisions in Ontario.

We believe in:

  • complete communities: designing urban villages, where everything you need to live well is available locally, nested within strong municipalities and regions.

  • smart transportation: ways to drive less and enjoy getting around.

  • protecting resources: protecting farmland, watersheds, natural areas, and other resources that are essential for a sustainable future.

  • people-centred planning: helping people shape development to meet their needs.

The purpose of the OSGN is to:

  • share information, knowledge and experience about stopping sprawl and promoting smart growth; 
  • facilitate collaborative, strategic actions for achieving smart growth;  

  • identify and address priorities for achieving smart growth; and

  • enable us to mobilize our resources quickly and effectively when needed. 
OHCC supports the OSGN by providing management functions, administrative assistance, learning activities and educational resources, as a means of strengthening the connection between healthy communities and the built environment.

Building Voluntary Sector Capacity to Support Smart Growth: a project funded by the Places to Grow Implementation Fund

Read a background paper on Smart Growth.

View the recording from the February 3, 2015 webinar: Smart Growth and Why it Matters: Shaping the Ontario Smart Growth Network

Click here to view presenter slides from the Smart Growth 2015 Forum (March 25, 2015)

For more information about OSGN visit

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