Position PapersPosition Papers

OHCC's Response to Ontario's Draft Cycling Policy

On January 28, 2013, the OHCC Public Affairs Committee, with input from Paul Young of Public Space Workshop, submitted a response to the Draft Ontario Ministry of Transpotation Cycling Strategy.

Healthy Communities Perspectives

In 2012 the OHCC Public Affairs Committee commissioned a set of position papers to be developed on five topics relating to Healthy Communities:

Provincial Policy Statement Review

In October 2010, OHCC submitted "Recommendations for the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) 2005 Review" to the provincial government regarding land-use planning. Assisted by Paul Young of Public Space Workshop, members of the OHCC Public Affairs Committee researched and examined data from several sources to develop this position statement. 

OHCC Backgrounders

 These factsheets provide explanations of common — and sometimes misunderstood — terms used in Healthy Communities literature and materials. The factsheets also provide useful  links to further resources on each subject.



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