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OHCC develops and implements projects to increase our knowledge, practices, services and partnerships with respect to certain aspects of Healthy Communities. OHCC projects are developed and implemented in collaboration with other organizations and networks.

Our Projects

Kitchen Table Conversations for Action on Inclusion aims to develop an organizational culture that values diversity in leadership within small community organizations in rural areas, and helps them to pursue the goal of becoming more diverse, equitable and inclusive.

The Ontario Community Transporation Network (OCTN) connects individuals, organizations, and transportation providers to faciliate the exchange of information, experiences and best practices about community transportation services in Ontario. This project is a collaborative of OHCC and the Ontario Rural Institute, funded by the Ministry of Transporation-Ontario. 

The Ontario Smart Growth Network is a provincial network of organizations, businesses and individuals working to promote a smarter approach to community design. OHCC supports the OSGN by providing administrative assistance, learning activities and educational resources, as a means of strengthening the connection between healthy communities and the built environment.

FoodNet Ontario is a province-wide network of organizations and individuals working together to create sustainable local food systems and community food security. FoodNet Ontario helps to build their capacity by providing information and educational resources, a searchable database of food-related projects and initiaitves and a calendar of events. It also provides opportunities for members to start discussion groups and contact others through the FoodNet listserv.

HC Link
HC Link is a collaboration of three health promotion organizations that works with community groups, organizations, and partnerships to build healthy, vibrant communities across Ontario. We offer consultations, learning and networking events, and resources in both English and French. Our services are funded by the Government of Ontario and are provided free of charge where possible.

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