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OHCC produces a number of educational publications to assist community groups and coalitions in their efforts to improve the well-being of their communities. Many of our resources have been updated recently, reflecting changes in conditions and trends within Ontario and, in some respects, nationally and globally.

Some of our resource materials are provided free of charge, and for others we charge only a nominal fee to help recover our printing costs. Most of the resources are available on-line, free of charge, in either PDF or HTML format.

Manuals and Toolkits: Available online and in print

To order our publications in print format please contact us.

Available online only

Online Courses

Collaboration and Partnerships for Healthy Communities

Collaboration is a value and activity in which most health promoters and community activists now participate.  This course is designed to help you, the practitioner, engage in and support the work of collaboration more effectively.

We hope this course will assist you in become a successful collaborator if you are considering the development of a new collaboration or have been a member of one for many years.

Community Development Strategies

This course is designed to outline the basic values, principles and methods of community development and how they may be applied within a community setting. Specific community development applications and methods, such as community asset mapping, will be explored.  The course includes readings, exercises, case studies and resource for further information. 

Upon completion of the course, participants will have gained knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Community development values, concepts and practice, and how it differs from community outreach and community-based programs
  • Community asset mapping
  • Aligning health services with community priorities and values
  • Success factors in community partnerships and collaborations
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