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Community Food SecurityCommunity Food Security

Healthy Food For All

garden marketHealthy and Sustainable Food Systems in Ontario

Seven organizations collaborated on this project to increase the capacity of local communities to create and strengthen sustainable local food systems in Ontario.

Creating a Better Future for Our Children - Community Food Security

On September 24, 2010 a symposium was held in Pembroke, entitled "Creating a Better Future for Our Children". The Symposium was sponsored by the Child Poverty Action Network of Refrew County, Algonquin College, Phoenix Centre for Children and Families and Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition.

The key note presentation was given by Dennis Raphael, PhD, Professor of Health Policy and Management, York University, entitled "Reducing Poverty by Strengthening the Social Determinants Of Health: The Need for Community Engagement in the Public Policy Process".

The Future of the Good Food Box Program

Good Food Box programs are designed to provide individuals and families with affordable and healthy fruits and vegetables.  This project was a collaborative effort of the Food Security Work Group of the Ontario Public Health Association, FoodNet Ontario and the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition. We all share an enthusiasm for ensuring that Good Food Box programs are widely available throughout Ontario, resulting in increased access to fresh fruits and vegetables for individuals, children and families, particularly for those living on low Incomes.

Position Papers

OHCC's Response to Ontario's Draft Cycling Policy

On January 28, 2013, the OHCC Public Affairs Committee, with input from Paul Young of Public Space Workshop, submitted a response to the Draft Ontario Ministry of Transpotation Cycling Strategy.

Healthy Food, Healthy Community

The Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition has published a second edition, substantially rewritten, of Healthy Food, Healthy Community - A Community Action Guide.

Regional Food Distribution Association


The Regional Food Distribution Association of North Western Ontario (RFDA) is an excellent example of community stakeholders coming together to improve the quality of life in their area. Having identified the need for a more coordinated strategy for the delivery of donated food to community members throughout northwest Ontario who are experiencing food shortages, the RDFA was formed in June 2003.

Community Food Security Workshop

Many communities across Ontario are working to achieve community food security and sustainable local food systems.This workshop will raise awareness of both the importance of adequate access to nutritious food as a determinant of health as well as community food security initiatives as important health promotion strategies.

Eating out of the Palm of your Neighbours Hand


In these days of rising health care costs, we are bombarded with the message to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy foods is a big part of healthy living. It used to be that buying and eating your veggies was enough, but these days, - the vegetables should be organic, and ideally, locally grown as well!

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