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OHCC relies heavily on volunteers for assistance with communications and event management.  Currently, we are accepting applications for our volunteer Healthy Communities Champion program. 

OHCC Healthy Communities Champions


  • educate Ontarians about Healthy Communities (HC)
  • promote Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition (OHCC) services
  • encourage people to subscribe to the OHCC Bulletin
  • engage people in HC activities
  • gather information about organizations and activities related to HC



There are many ways that HC Champions could help OHCC meet these objectives, such as:

  • Contributing to OHCC’s Facebook and Twitter sites by posting/tweeting announcements of HC-related events, information and resources.
  • Attending networking events on behalf of OHCC
  • Distributing OHCC brochures and other materials
  • Giving brief presentations on Healthy Communities and OHCC, where appropriate
  • Passing along information about OHCC to others who might be interested
  • Gathering information about other organizations working towards HC
  • Meeting with representatives of other organizations whose mission and values are aligned with OHCC to inform them of OHCC’s services.



HC Champions will:

  • Receive an in-depth orientation to Healthy Communities and OHCC
  • Participate in networking events that may also benefit you or your organization
  • Be exempt from registration fees for many OHCC workshops and events
  • Be recognized at the Annual General Meeting, in the OHCC Annual Report and on our website.



HC Champions will:

  • Identify themselves as representing Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition at events;
  • Engage in self-directed networking and information-sharing activities on behalf of OHCC;
  • Provide recommendations to OHCC on workshops and activities of interest in their region;
  • Identify opportunities to work collaboratively with other organizations;
  • Report activities and hours of work; and
  • Obtain advance approval of any expenditures



HC Champions must:

  • Be a member of OHCC, either as an individual or as a delegate of an organizational member
  • Subscribe to the OHCC bulletin;
  • Have some knowledge and background in Healthy Communities or a related field
  • Have participated in OHCC events or services


Fill out an application form to become a Healthy Communities Champion