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OHCC fosters intersectoral collaboration at the local, regional, and provincial levels to address the social, economic, and ecological determinants of health.  These collaborations cross boundaries, whether horizontal or vertical links between and among government or institutions, or through the creation of broad community coalitions involving multiple sectors, such as community development, business, public health, social services, and education.

There are several ways in which we collaborate with other organizations, such as:

  • Establishing partnerships for project development & implementation
  • Support collective advocacy efforts in areas related to healthy communities; e.g. poverty, community food security, equity and inclusion, and healthy environments
  • Membership in other provincial organizations such as the Ontario Nonprofit Network and the Ontario Community Transportation Network.

OHCC’s services are informed by the various perspectives and knowledge acquired from our inter-sectoral collaborations. When working with partners we ensure that each partner has equitable representation, shared leadership and strong voice. 

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