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OHCC projects provide a wealth of knowledge, resources, tools and ideas that inform and are synergetic with other aspects of our work. Much of the learning from each project has been incorporated into OHCC's plans and practices . Below is a list of projects led by OHCC over the past 10 years. 

The Ontario Smart Growth Network (OSGN): (2014-2017) was a provincial network of organizations, businesses and individuals working to promote a smarter approach to community design. The supports provided by OSGN have now been incorporated into OHCC's services. 

FoodNet Ontario (funded 2007-2010, continued until 2017) . This province-wide network brought together organizations and individuals working to create sustainable local food systems and community food security. It provided information and educational resources, a searchable database of food-related projects and opportunities to connect with each other. The supports provided by FNO have now been incorporated into OHCC's services and programs.

Healthy Food For All: Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems in Ontario (2009-2012) was a collaboration of six organizations funded by the Healthy Communities Fund to increase the capacity of local communities to work collaboratively, with diverse groups of stakeholders, to create and strengthen sustainable local food systems and achieve community food security in Ontario.

Accelerating Rural Transportation Solutions (2013-2014) was a collaborative project of the Rural Ontario Institute (ROI) and the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition, funded by the Trillium Foundation. Its objectives was to increase knowledge of effective models and emerging innovation in rural regional transportation. While ROI was the lead organization for the project as a whole, OHCC took the lead on developed a series of case studies of effective rural transportation programs and ROI focussed on the analysis and development of business models. Both organizations jointly planned and delivered a series of workshops and webinars in various locations.

OHCC Youth Engagement Strategy (2011-2015), was initiated by the OHCC Board of Directors to ensure the meaningful inclusion and participation of youth in OHCC. Funded solely by internal resources, this strategy captured the enthusiasm of board, staff  and youth volunteers, and became a prominent driver of OHCC's development.

Healthy Communities: An Approach to Action on Health Determinants in Canada (2009-2012):The objective of this project was to demonstrate that the Healthy Community approach is an effective way to address chronic disease prevention. Through this project, four provincial Healthy Communities networks collaborated across disciplines, sectors, languages and geographies to raise awareness of the Healthy Communities approach; share tools, resources and best practices; and help empower communities to take action on the social, economic and environmental determinants of health. Read more

The Future of the Good Food Box Program (2009-2011): This project was a collaborative effort of the Food Security Work Group of the Ontario Public Health Association, FoodNet Ontario and the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition. Its purpose was to strengthen the network of Good Food Box (GFB) programs across the province by developing a sustainable GFB business model and activating a supportive GFB network.

Healthy Communities and the Built Environment (HCBE) (2007-2009) was a collaborative project involving seven organizations led by the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition. The goal was to build awareness of the impacts of the built environment on human health and bring together planners, developers, pubic health staff, environment groups and community associations to develop strategies to improve the design of their communities from a health perspective. The project was funded primarily by the Public Health Agency of Canada and included several components, including a literature review, environmental scan, regional forums, community workshops and facilitation services.

Creating Inclusive Community Organizations (2005-2006): This participatory action research project tested the organizational change process outlined in our publication, Inclusive Community Organizations: A Tool Kit. OHCC consultants worked with four small to mid-sized non-profit organizations on an organizational change process to become more inclusive of diverse community members. The learning that resulted from this project has been incorporated into OHCC's consultation and training services. 

Ontario Inclusion Learning Network (2004-2009): OHCC partnered with the Social Planning Network of Ontario (SPNO) and several other organizations to facilitate and support regionally-based activities designed to increase social inclusion. While the OILN is no longer active, OHCC continues to support and link efforts to increase social and economic inclusion in Ontario.