Some of the foods that people consume contain harmful toxins. These foods can be from plants or fishes and shellfishes.

Here’s a guide on these natural toxins and how to handle them:

Cyanogenic glycosides

Cyanogenic glycosides can be found in bamboo roots, almonds, cassava, stone fruits, and raw apricot kernels. For stone fruits, don’t eat the pit. For cassava and almonds, make sure to carefully grate, soak, and cook to reduce toxin levels. Before consuming bamboo roots, make sure to boil them well.

Aquatic biotoxins

These toxins can be found in algae and planktons that make their way in fish and shellfish. No cooking or freezing procedure can remove these toxins. Therefore, make sure you buy from a reputable source to ensure your safety.


Certain species of mold can produce this toxin. It’s generally found in dried fruits, cereals, spices, and nuts. It is recommended to store these kinds of food in a cool and dry place.


Make sure to properly clean fiddleheads several times before cooking. Boil or steam for 10-15 minutes before baking, frying, or adding other ingredients. After you are done boiling, see to it that you throw the cooking water.

Solanine and chaconine

These toxins are found in potatoes. It is always advisable to store potatoes in a cool, dry place, and wash them before cooking. Also, make sure to peel properly and avoid damaged potatoes.

Poisonous mushrooms

Never eat wild mushrooms. Cooking or peeling them will not reduce toxins. Only buy commercially available mushrooms.

If you feel nauseated and dizzy even after following this guide, contact a doctor immediately.