COVID-19 revealed the inadequacies of the current system. It exposed how bad social inequity, economic inequality, climate change, and neglecting the environment have been to society’s well-being. Finding a way to recover from COVID-19 should be done by addressing important issues that have been neglected for so many years.

The Just Recovery Movement focuses on these 6 principles:

  • Prioritizing people’s wellbeing and health
  • Strengthening the social safety net and relief efforts
  • Supporting communities and workers’ needs
  • Preventing crises by building resiliency
  • Focusing on equity and solidarity
  • Supporting indigenous rights and working with indigenous people

Organizations across the country worked with different communities to develop these 6 principles as the building block in creating a sustainable community. This approach focuses on people’s wellbeing which includes having a good environment and developing a country that promotes equity and solidarity among different communities.

It also aims to support indigenous people’s rights since the injustices they faced from colonialism haven’t been addressed. The principles of Just Recovery also focus on giving indigenous people’s communities the resources they need through investments in infrastructure, health, and social services.

As the world shifts to the new normal, people should have easy access to healthcare and food security while ensuring the ecosystem isn’t threatened. A resilient society must be sustainable and address the wellbeing of every individual.