The increase in temperature and decrease in ambient air quality has contributed to negative side effects on human health. It’s even worse for people with pre-existing health conditions.

A more efficient public transportation system can reduce air pollution and emissions. The same goes for renewable energy solutions. These can save humans from heart and lung diseases and infections in the long run.

Several actions and policies have been put in place to address climate change. Several investments in public transportation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy are in place. However, with the government of Ontario scrapping the cap-and-trade program, health professionals are worried about the reduced budget for fighting climate change.

Ignoring Climate Change Compromises the Health of Albertans

Carbon tax in Alberta has been reduced to prioritize other sectors. However, this decision should be reviewed. In a span of a few months, Alberta has experienced wildfires and heat waves that put many people at risk, especially vulnerable individuals.

Climate change has increased wildfire intensities and frequencies over the past decade. If climate change worsens, wildfires will become more common. Aside from habitat loss of both animals and people, wildfires expose humans to toxic gases that can also contribute to worsening air pollution.

Investments in renewable energies and public transportation can lead to lower emissions and better air quality. Carbon taxes are the most efficient and easiest solution to addressing the issues of climate change and public health.